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From Okpo🇳🇬 to the UK🇬🇧

If anyone told me that I will study in the UK in 2021, I wouldn't have believed it. Yes, I have dreams, but how and when it was going to come to a fulfillment, I didn't know. All I had was big dreams, and nothing else.

Negative Cultures, Change Required.

I sometimes question myself about the psychology behind people defending harmful cultures and traditions. Is it that they are not educated? Is it that they can't see the havoc in these practices? Is this thing too difficult to change or people are just adamant about changing it?.

Give A Girl A Pad

Navigating life as a teenage girl in a rural community can be sometimes difficult. I once lived it and I know exactly how it is in there. Many families live below the poverty line, and the lack of basic social amenities and adequate information stares in one's face,

Women in Politics; Kogi State University Elects First Female SUG President.

In a society like Nigeria where different activism and advocacy for gender equality has been ongoing, having the first female Student Union Government in Kogi State University is an amazing feat and achievement towards the Sustainable Development Goal 5.

The Dream Trafford

My eyes brightened from the rear window of the moving car as my gaze consumed the beautiful boulevards. The trees and beautiful flowers that were formally in landscape came to full display. I squeezed my cheek and could feel me. I put my index finger under my arm and tickled it.

How do we make Nigeria great?

Nigeria has every mineral resource to be more than Dubai. Nigeria has crude oil, discovered in 1956. Dubai has crude oil, discovered in 1966, 10 years later than Nigeria.

Confidence in my Own Body 2

You remember our last discussion on how to gain confidence in your body? Okay! We continued the discussion in this episode

Confidence in my Own Body

With the advent of the social media where all we see is perfect celebrity body type, (which most times are all lies and editing works) many people tends to put pressure on themselves in a bid to have that 'banging' body, and often gets depressed if things doesn't work out for them as planned.

Let’s Familiarise

In this episode, I introduced myself, discussed what informed my decision to start a podcast, and welcomed you, my dear listeners, to the show.

Win A Ticket to the Global Inclusion and Diversity Conference

Over the years, gender equality has become of great concern as there is an urgent need for the inclusion of women and girls at the helm of affairs to achieve a sustainable world.